Coffee Indulgance

Coffee Lifestyle – Intro

If by any chance you thought that I gave up on teaching you about Coffee, you couldn’t be more wrong. My mission, as I see it, by far still isn’t finished and there are countless information on the topic that I can still provide.

Coffee Indulgance


However, a certain change did occur. Recently, I changed an employer. My occupation is still the same, I’m still a Barista, still Your Barista, just changed the working venue.

That’s completely normal, once you don’t feel safe or appreciated at work, that is just ends beginning. At least for me, it is.

I wrote already how I love my job, especially because working as a Barista, I have access to new information, drinks or Coffee making procedures. That’s why I’m glad my occupation remained the same.

I have been absent for about a month, but not in vain. Luckily.

During my absence from my page, I’ve had an opportunity to test 2, not 1, but 2 completely different Coffee machines. I’ll be writing about them soon and in detail.

Also, I’m sure that the Coffee making procedures are going to differ a little from the previous job, so you’ll be informed on time and in detail.

What I can say without a doubt is that my love for Coffee in general, be it preparing it or drinking, is growing every day. Adoring Coffee stopped being a hobby for me a while ago. Today I can say that Coffee represents a certain lifestyle and there are no rules. Everything goes. If you can drink it, it can be made.

Home made Foamy Latte

Stay close and don’t stray far from FeelsLikeCoffee, every Coffee Lover is welcome and very well appreciated in our world.

As usual, you are most welcome to post your comments and questions, if there are any. I’ll tend to them ASAP, just like so far. Coffee for the WIN.


Your Barista

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