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First of all let me start with an explanation that its not my intent to insult anyone. This is just another attempt of safely bringing you closer to the perfect solution for your Coffee needs

Coffee needs are underestimated, if you ask me. Every single one of my mornings starts with a cup of Turkish Coffee and a glass of water. A morning without Coffee for me is inhumane. Once, I remember, I had to go to the doctors for some allergy tests. The first thing they told me is to come on an empty stomach, because they were gonna test my blood. Oh the horror!

Honestly, I don’t even remember the rest of the day, or the test results… NOTHING, except the headache and the bad mood I was forced to carry out through the day.

Coffee Needs Satisfied

When you hear expression Coffee Needs, what comes to your mind? My needs for Coffee entail being woken up by the glorious smell of freshly brewed Coffee and at least 3 cups of Coffee daily. Before working as a Barista, I already mastered home-made Coffee procedure and finalized the customization of my first cup.Home Made Turkish Coffee

The world of a Barista was so strange to me, everything scared me. Just like most of you, I too ordered only lattes, was afraid to ask the Baristas who were serving me for descriptions or explanations. I was a COMPLETE COFFEE DUMMIE.

My fears didn’t disappear as I started working in a Coffee shop. The procedures, formulas, recipes, even using a stencil for dusting was too complicated for me. When in training, you’re told that you have to be prepared for customers with questions. I don’t know about any of you, but personally, I don’t like conversing about topics I’m not familiar with.

Finally, as I became a Barista, I was eager to hear those questions. I felt ready for any kind of order, repeating formulas in my head. Then I realized that most customers are just like me, ordering Lattes because are too afraid/confused to ask.


Coffee Dummie


Nothing wrong with this. Coffee is popular now, it has become a social glue in a way. No matter how much you listen, read or explore the world of Coffee, there’s always something putting the question mark right back above your head.

We can say that Coffee literally sneaked up on us and became a staple in our lives. It was always there and here and around, just seems nobody was keeping an eye on it or nurtured the culture of Coffee.

Things are gradually changing and the world of Coffee is becoming so easy to access. I tried to cover most of the ways you can use Coffee or its residue, but there’s so much more.

Being a Coffee Dummie almost seems impossible. My personal goal is to bring you as close as possible to this world. There’s no need to feel like a Coffee Dummie anymore.

Coffee Connoisseur

Just like I encourage customers to ask questions, I am not afraid to ask them myself. Well, I’m not anymore. Recently I was meeting my friend for Coffee in our favorite independent Coffee shop, and on their window was a poster for a new type of Coffee, Ethiopian Coffee. On the strength scale a little lighter than an Americano, but stronger than tea. At least, that’s the way my Barista explained it to me. And he was exactly right, plus he forgot to mention that it has nutty, almost pistachio like flavor. Since it was lighter than the Americano, I had three of them in one sitting. The nutty aftertaste took me back to a familiar taste, something I had as a child. Do you ever get that feeling?

How was I supposed to know it would bring me back to my childhood? I would have never found out, if I hadn’t asked.Coffee Needs


Recently, I had a conversation with a customer who also works as a Barista in another Coffee shop (she prefers our Coffee though). While we were comparing the drinks they serve to ours, we realized that not all Baristas prepare the drinks in the same way. Their Flat White is made by extracting only 2 shots (we extract 3 shots but on a special program, which takes out the strongest part of the Coffee, and gives less Coffee in quantity). That’s just an example, but its also a reminder to ask questions. Even in your favorite shop, even if you know everything by now because you already ‘pestered’ other Baristas, doesn’t hurt to ask again if you notice a new employee or a new drink being promoted.

Once you become familiar with the Coffee lingo, so to speak, you’ll be glad you asked. Don’t compromise your favorite drink for nothing. Why should you?


Coffee Experts

Is there such a thing? I don’t think so. There is so much more and is being revealed every day more and more. After all, it wouldn’t be fun if we knew it all. However, there are some Coffee Experts signs that can help you become or recognize one.

Coffee Love
Coffee Love

Experts drink water with their Coffee. That is one of the signs you’ve gained the taste for Coffee, drinking water with it. No matter if you’re drinking pure Coffee or finished with milk, water is what your body craves when drinking Coffee. Experts drink water because it cleans their pallet, and because Coffee is a diuretic and drains the water out of your body. You’ll enjoy your favorite drink more.

Did you know that our bodies sometimes mistake thirst for hunger? Think about it, how many times were you thinking you were hungry, but after drinking a glass of water realized you were actually thirsty? It’s the same with Coffee. You think you’re craving a muffin or a piece of cake, but you’re not. Don’t drink any sodas or soft drinks, especially citrus based. Those will create an unwelcome acidic reaction in your stomach.

By adding just water with your Coffee, you’re able to fully understand and respect the Coffee drinking ritual.

The Expert knows what they want and are willing to wait for the drink to be made. This is really important. All the regular customers is my Coffee shop are willing to wait, 10 – 15 minutes for their Coffees. Sometimes, there’s a long queue, many people waiting for their drinks, and cakes or sandwiches to be toasted. The real Coffee respecting customers know that their drink needs to be done in a certain way, so that it stays their favorite indulgence. Not only that patients shows respect for the Coffee, and the whole procedure it has to go through, but also for the Baristas who are preparing your drinks right in front of you.

So, next time you’re in your favorite Coffee shop, take a better look at the staff, and how they’re working as a team. You’ll notice that everybody has their role. The same person is taking orders, the same Barista is shouting out all the drinks when the’re ready. You’ll notice it all makes sense.

Are you there yet? What I would like is that you feel comfortable and welcome in your Coffee shop. In case you don’t, doesn’t hurt to change the approach. It doesn’t take a lot. Make an eye contact with your Barista, or simply ask them how’s their day going. Maybe the staff has impression you’re the grumpy one. That’s basically it. In all its simplicity, Coffee is acting as a social factor and an ICE BREAKER. Isn’t that marvelous? Just remember – no Coffee Expert knows everything about it.

Are you any closer to your favorite cup of Coffee? If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them below.


Your Barista






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